What is Genocide?


What is genocide? Who is Bashir? Where is Sudan? What about the Nuba Mountains? If you don't know the answers to these questions, Humanity Is Us has created a series of short videos to help you understand why arresting Bashir is vital to ending genocide.




Who is Bashir? Why has the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued two arrest warrants against him? Do you know what he looks like? After six (6) minutes, you will. You won't forget his face and you'll fight to make sure that he gets arrested. We are at a pivotal point: arresting Bashir is vital - it opens the door for accountability and shuts the door on impunity. If this is going to happen, it's now. Arrest Bashir.




Can you point to Sudan on a map? Did you know that South Sudan became an independent and new state on 9 July 2011? Where is Abyei? The Nuba Mountains? How about the Blue Nile? If you were on Jeopardy, you would be able to answer the question with, "What is Sudan." It's worth five (5) minutes of your time.




NOTE: The first couple minutes of the video are silent, to pay respect to the Nuban people and the lives that were taken. 6 June 2012 marks the one year anniversary of Bashir's genocidal campaign in the Nuba Mountains. On 6 June 2011 (Day One), the Government of Sudan's Central Reserve Police, Abu Tira, began the house to house killing of civilians by death squad. There was an execution list that Sudan's regime used: it was not a random. They had names and addresses: mass graves have been located.


When Magid was asked if it was safe for him to speak against Bashir, he replied, "I have to speak. What good [is it] if my family is safe and my people die?"